Brunch munch

Hey guys! I was sitted in my room a few days ago, wondering what I'd have for breakfast and before I knew it, it was almost 11o'clock. I almost never have three full meals when I am at school so I try to make sure I have a proper breakfast to energize me for the … Continue reading Brunch munch


The thrift market

Hello there lovelies! This past weekend, I spent my Saturday at the thrift market hosted by finders keepers. It can still be considered a new trend because this was the second one they've hosted. Not only is it a great platform for small businesses to sell their products, or for people to clean out their … Continue reading The thrift market


Hello there lovelies! Soooo listen up! Three days ago was your girl's birthday! ( does random dances 💃💃 ). To celebrate my being a year older, I thought I'd do a post about what I've learnt so far. I haven't been around very long, but in the years I've lived, I've experienced, learnt and grown. … Continue reading Growth…